"Come sleep with me: We won’t make Love, Love will make us."
- Julio Cortázar
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"The beauty? Or so everyone calls her. Do you know what I call her? Mine!"

The rakish man settled back into his seat at the bar, tilting back another shot of whiskey. He was in an awful way, however simply thinking about those miss matched eyes of hers, and the way she smiled. Fuck! The way that she smiled at him just brought out all the shaky feelings in the man’s knees.

When she was around all his pretenses and hard worked guises feel to cinders around him. If he had ever had an addiction in his life it’s name would be Dacota. She was in his blood, coursing through his veins and he couldn’t even cope half the time without knowing when his next fix would come in.

"So you want to know how I feel about Dacota huh? Fair is fair I suppose…"

The slightly tipsy and unusually loose lipped rogue started in, completely unaware that just behind the blue curtains behind him stood the woman of which he spoke. 

"Do you have that song that whenever it plays it gives you goosebumps? What about that one place that is yours and yours alone, that exists, at least in your mind, as a refuge away from everything and everyone. How about memory that you hold selfishly inside of yourself and refuse to share it with anyone because it is fucking yours?"

Sin continued on and on and on and on with the metaphors, seeming to almost loose his point before he stood up abruptly and extended a pointed finger at the inquiring individual. His venomous eyes narrowed decisively at the curious individual.

 "Well let me fucking tell you… If you have never felt addiction so intense that you can’t go on a day without your fix. Or the absence of someone presence was so profound you literally felt like part of you had been torn out. Then you will never fucking understand or fathom the depth at which I am head over fucking heels for that woman."

"She is a princess, she almost faints at the sight of blood, she is girly, she has to have everything her way, she is a recovering junkie, she has a slew of broken relationships that almost rivals mine and you know what?"

Sin looked the individual in the eyes with a glance that spoke of dark abyssal severity to his intentions., the words slipping past his lips echoing out as he spat the words with clerical conviction and zeal.

"I fucking love all of those things, every last one of them. I don’t love Dacota despite those facts as if they somehow make her less of a person. As if they some how demonstrate she is flawed and imperfect, because guess what? I am not perfect, I am fucked up and can’t deal with my own shit half the time. "

"But what we have? The bond and love we have for one another runs deep, deeper than I knew was possible and I won’t apologize to you or anyone else for that matter. People have a problem with her? Then go fuck yourself, because to me she is perfect, perfect… FOR ME!!!"

Settling back down into his seat, his shoulders slouched and he resumed his more calm pose as he took up his glass of whiskey and drank deeply from it once more.

"That’s how I fucking feel about Dacota."


zalaearis: Write a cannon post in regards to Dacota modeling for Sin when he draws. He loves to sketch with charcoal and his mischievous sprite known as Kota would serve as a perfect muse, that is if she can keep still for long enough. 


  The Viper’s feet were propped up on the silk covered bed, his head cant’d slightly as he was hard at work, eyes flickering every now and then to capture a specific curve of the young beauty’s face - The way the soft morning sunlight made her tan skin glow, the way her lips pursed while she slept peacefully, the way her tiny hand lay tangled in long locks. The beauty had awoken to the soft heaves of Sin’s breathing as he sat beside their now empty bed, his hand gently sketching away as piercing eyes revealed themselves from behind long, thick eyelashes. She watched him for longer than a moment, allowing her eyes to memorize his face as it burned into her memory over and over again - He had hardly realized his sleeping beauty had awoken until his eyes found hers, bating softly back at him. “Good morning.” He whispered, watching Dacota as she moved to lay on her stomach, facing him with her arms tucked under her chin; those long, bed head locks falling over the side of her face. She stared at him, the naked curves of her tan body glowing with the warm sun as a smile pulled across her pouty lips. “Good morning to you, too.” She whispered back, the sound of her raspy voice caressing his ears as she spoke; a sound he missed whenever it wasn’t near.

  “Lay still for me?” He asked her, his hand ceasing all movement as fingers flipped to a new, blank page. “I want to draw you.” The beauty paused for a moment, her eyes searching between both of his before she indulged him.


  The rogue slowly turned over, bringing the silk sheet with her as she covered only bits and pieces of her form; the blanket resting loosely over her breasts, manicured fingers gently holding it there as it rested around the rest of her form, showing her stomach, hip, and leg. Her arm moved above her, her head tilting to the side to show only half of her stunning face as she smirked at him — A playful smirk that he would recognize right away, of course. Her body teased him, called out to the inner dominant in him, taking every fiber of his being to resist her. He had a plan, and he refused to let this beautiful little thing of a rogue distract him from it. Even if she was easy on the eyes. “You’re one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.” He whispered to her, his hand gently stroking away at the white pad as he drew, eyes locking with hers for the briefest of moments until they pulled away, leaving her wanting more. She always wanted more. “Don’t move.” He said to the silent rogue who laidd as still as she could, enjoying the way her eyes traveled across his half naked body, watching every muscle in his hand and arm work as he busied himself with his drawing — She had no idea what he was doing, but she wasn’t complaining. His eyes on her were all she really ever wanted.

  It seemed like hours as the afternoon sun finally streamed through their window, warming the beauty’s skin as she lay motionless on their bed, only soft breaths leaving her rising and falling chest as they shared the blissful silence, eyes locking every few moments, only to be torn away again. The Viper stood with one easy motion, moving to the end of the bed where he sat, facing her with a smile she had yet to put in place; it was one of admiration. Pure love. His large hand reached out, the back of his knuckles brushing against her cheek bone as he stared down into her mismatched eyes, his other hand slipping over her stomach where he laid the drawing pad. “What do you think?”


  The beauty slowly lifted the pad, resting herself on one elbow as she looked it over, her eyes scanning the page again and again. It was her. Her face was drawn, her own piercing eyes staring back at her with an intensity she recognized. “I thought you needed to be reminded of how beautiful -you- are, not just your body.” The Viper added quickly, unable to read her reaction. “You’ll never know what this means to me,” She whispered back, eyes finally meeting his. He leaned over her, his lips meeting her own softer ones as he kissed her gently. “I’ll never love someone the way I love you.” She purred, her lips brushing against his with every soft word, the warmth her breath caressing his lips gently. She was his, forever. And he was hers.

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"Then she kissed him until the sky seemed to fade out and all her smiles and tears to vanish in an ecstasy of eternal seconds."
- F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Ice Palace
"She is madness, sanity. She is hell, and paradise."
- Ellen Hopkins, Perfect